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Big news for Jordan and me! We're selling our building and Loyal & Lin will be no more. ...Continue reading if you're the type of person who likes details!

Back in December I met two nurse practitioners who came to me looking for space to rent for their IV Infusion business... over the course of a couple months we spoke several times in person, (adding up to a few hours) and I have to admit I was feeling like God sent these people to me/my business.

Sadly, I just couldn't find enough space for them in my building, so we parted ways and they moved on to keep looking. I was very sad to see them go... but then in March they contacted me again, saying they couldn't get my building (or me!) out of their heads, and they had a proposal for me.

We met up a few days later and they asked me if we might be willing to sell our building to them, and they wanted me to stay on and rent space from them for my massage business. They had decided to expand their business to a women's health center (in addition to the IV infusion business), which is something they had talked about doing sometime in their future...

So here we are today, Jordan and I decided to sell our building, and I'll be staying with them as a renter. I am SO EXCITED for my future with these amazing women; I believe their business will be incredible and I feel honored to be part of it.

A few other notes:

Loyal & Lin Salon and Spa will no longer exist as of May 15th, please PM me if you would like to know where to find each of the hairstylists!

I will be having an estate-type sale at Loyal & Lin on Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st from 12pm to 7pm. We'll have mostly furniture, including a brown leather sectional couch, office furniture, several salon chairs, mats, and dryers, 4 wood vanities/dressers, etc. PM me if you want more info.

If you have an outstanding gift certificate for Loyal & Lin, please PM me!

My massage schedule is currently full, but I will be opening 2-3 spots in my schedule per month for full body stretch sessions, foot reflexology, and/or cupping.

I'm so grateful for my time as a salon/spa owner - I learned so much about life, business, and myself, and I met so many wonderful people. Here's to the next adventure!

Update! May 2023

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Jordan Loyal & Rishelle Lin

Loyal & Lin was owned by Jordan Loyal and Rishelle Lin Short.  Jordan and Rishelle grew up in Snohomish County and have lived and worked across the globe during their 15 years of marriage. You can usually find them working, reading, playing games, snuggling with their Boxer dog, Gracie, or planning their next adventure from their home in Burlington.

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